Oral Zinc Spray

Oral Zinc Spray is a great addition to everybody’s medicine cabinet, purse, glove box, and coat pocket. As such, it’s a smart addition to any company’s product line.

According to the National Institute of Health, zinc helps the immune system fight off invading bacteria and viruses, helps wounds heal, and is important for proper senses of taste and smell.

I have always used slow dissolving zinc lozenges when traveling to reduce the risk of catching a cold.  Although there is conflicting research on the effectiveness of zinc to combat the common cold, I believe it works well.

Studies attempt to measure how effective zinc is on shortening the duration of a cold.  Avoiding a cold in the first place is my goal.  And again, I believe using zinc proactively works for me. 

And it makes sense.  Zinc is not friendly to many things that are a hazard to our health.  And this includes viruses. 

A search on Google Scholar for “topical zinc virus”  results in over 50,000 references.  Generally the studies show that zinc, applied topically, is beneficial in reducing viral infections of skin. In other words, zinc applied directly to a virus reduces its viability.  Based on this, I am even more motivated to use zinc regularly when out and about.

One issue I have using zinc products is that most are too strong. There have been many times I thought I should take another lozenge, but the stomach upset from too much zinc prevented me from doing so. 

In addition, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) considers 40mg of zinc to be the safe upper limit.  Keep in mind normal intake for adults is in the range of 10mg and many take supplements containing zinc. 

I’ve formulated a solution, and packaged it in a fine mist sprayer.  Each spray delivers 1 mg of zinc,  providing maximum coverage, and dosage flexibility.

I believe the more often you spray zinc in your mouth, the more you will reduce potential spread and stay healthy.  I have designed my zinc spray to allow for 30 sprays per day without exceeding the upper limit for zinc based on a 10mg dietary intake.

On a side note, I know many who consume more than 40mg of zinc per day without issues, and a multi-vitamin with copper is beneficial when zinc intake is high. 

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Be well,

Dale Fowkes
Founder, NutriCrafters LLC