Editorial Guidelines

Articles suitable for publication in Longevity Medicine Review summarize the viewpoints of the author regarding current or emerging issues related longevity medicine. The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that articles that are posted on the Longevity Medicine Review website are scientifically sound and grammatically correct. The guidelines prospective authors should adhere to are as follows:

  1. Correctness of the article in regard to clarity, conciseness, grammar, and spelling is the responsibility of the author.
  2. References should be supplied to substantiate statements made in the submitted article.
  3. Longevity Medicine Review’s target audience is medical practitioners and clinicians. The articles in Longevity Medicine Review are designed to concisely review and analyze the latest developments in longevity medicine.
  4. Articles may not be accepted for a number of reasons, including inappropriate content or style or for other reasons such as the article does not offer a unique viewpoint regarding longevity medicine.
  5. Length of the Perspective will vary depending on topic, however desired number of words is about 1,500.